RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery


In the heart of the Quartier des Bains district of Geneva, a major platform for contemporary art in Switzerland, RIVOLI opened its first concept store in 2012: RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery. Throughout the year, RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery is the place where ones can enjoy contemporary art, as well as discover RIVOLI skincare range of products. A unique place for a unique concept, where ART meets BEAUTY.

For more information about our art gallery, please contact us by email at: . You can also write to us at the below address: RIVOLI Beauty Art Gallery 14, rue de l’arquebuse 1204 Geneva Switzerland

Current exhibition : LA BEAUTÉ DE L'UBIQUITÉ
Natacha Veen ()

During the exhibition at Rivoli Gallery, “La beauté de l’ubiquité” ( (The Beauty of Ubiquity), Natacha Veen will take us on a journey through her illustrations. From Switzerland to Japan, via the tropics, Natacha’s serigraphs invite us to revisit different cultures’ symbols through the poetic line of her drawing.

Sensitive to the world which surrounds us, to fauna and flora, she is inspired by books on nature, descriptions of birds, and what she perceives during her promenades and travels. Natacha has also been collecting stationery since she was very young. By tapping all of these sources of inspiration, Natacha combines the delicateness of paper, the complexity of lace and poetic subjects in her illustrations.